2016 Harvest Celebration – Donations Welcome

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Registration for the Annual Family Values For Life Harvest Celebration is now closed. However, you still have the opportunity to donate and help us reach our 75K Harvest Celebration goal!


The Annual Family Values For Life Harvest Celebration “Casting OUR Nets, Saving OUR Community” on October 13th, will be held at Hamline University, Anderson Center, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Casting our nets, saving our community means to reach out in the depth of despair, violence, racial strife and economic disparity or depression and grab a child, youth, single mother or low income family from drowning problems with positive solutions.

Last year over 300 people attended. This year we hope to increase our partnerships to help more single moms and their kids.  The program is followed by a Fund-the-Need appeal. Our goal is to raise $75, 000 before and at the event so we can expand are services and programs to two additional sites and increase educational success of our youth grades 5th thru 12th in East St. Paul.

We have been commissioned to cast out our nets, so many individuals are in need of a new charted path; parenting programs, educational and financial training, team building, after school tutoring and meals and many others. Help us restore hope to our community by reaching more youth and their families.

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